Student Reflections

Focus Area 2015 YES Futures Projects

Water Conservation

  • Raising funds and awareness leading to freshwater wells in Cambodia
  • Designing and installing rain harvesting system on MHS Campus
  • Designing home rain catchment prototype and kit to promote in Mililani Community

Energy Conservation

(note: these groups will work as a team)

  • Lighting audits in 30 Mililani Homes
  • Vampire energy audits in 30 Mililani Homes
  • Cooling/air flow, appliance energy audits in 30 Mililani Homes

Marine Debris

(note: students may be working together on one event)

  • Adopt a beach program at Ali‘i Beach Park - Waialua + Mililani High Schools
  • Ohana Adopt a Beach Program
  • Media Liason and Press-releases for the above projects (former Ms. Teen Hawai‘i)
  • Promoting legislation to ban smoking on public beaches
  • Working on community awareness to clean up Sand Island beach

Political Action

(note: every E-Sci student will participate in this category to some extent as course activity)

  • Working to pass legislation on banning smoking on public beaches
  • Working to pass legislation supporting local agriculture and food sustainability
  • Working to pass legislation to support Hawai‘i Environmental Literacy Plan OR Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission Funding
  • Working to increase funding for invasive species control
  • Planning school level political action event
  • Working to increase protection of Hawaiian reefs


  • Collecting moniroting data both inside and outside of a Marine Life Conservation District (either Pupukea or Waikiki) to aid conservation efforts
  • Participate in the "Eyes on the Reef" program and raise related public awareness
  • MHS students working on invasive algae removal from Waikalua Loko and/or He‘eia Fishpond on an annual basis

Community Sustainability

  • Work on decreasing feral cat population in humane manner
  • School gardens at 3 local elementary feeder schools
  • Asthma awareness and risk reduction
  • Promotion of healthy, local eating
  • Growing kalo on campus working with custodians
  • Hydroponic home systems - learning from school

Forest Restoration

  • Develop an annual forest restoration workday by the MHS JROTC
  • Work with community organization/business to remove Strawberry guava for product line
  • Create a documentary to educate high school students (and the public) about careers in Hawai‘i forest conservation
  • Develop forest species/riparian zone restoration in Mililani Mauka along the Waikakalua Stream


Student Elevator Pitches